Welcome to my world of Culture Power Solutions

What is the recipe for a perfect storm…?

... put together a team of German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish people... or any other nationalities. Then, ask them to work together and to deliver.
Before all that, don't forget to secure a stock of anti-depressants. You will definitely need them! Not because of their business knowledge, experience, or motivation.
Rather, because of a low awareness of cross-cultural communication.

I've seen those perfect storms so many times…

I am Irek Zyzanski

and I am passionate about cross cultural management, communication and leadership development.
I am a consultant, mentor and coach working with the leading consulting and training companies in Poland. I am also a Leadership Development Associate with CCL (Center for Creative Leadership) in Brussels.

During my 24 exciting years of adventure in Philip Morris, I spent 18 of them working outside of my home market in Poland. I've had bosses of 14 different nationalities, and managed multinational teams in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Together with my family we lived in Ukraine, Dubai, China, Russia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.
Last but not least - I have my MA in Arabic Language and Culture. I speak Polish, English, Russian and Arabic.

I will help your company by:

  • working with your expats on how to lead, communicate and give feedback to their local & international teams
  • coaching and mentoring your multi-cultural management team to work together more efficiently
  • preparing your new incoming expats and their families to live in Poland
  • assisting your candidates for expatriation and their families in successful relocation abroad
  • working with your HR teams on Assessment Centers, Organisation Design, Talent Management, and other areas.


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